Animal Hospital of Sebastopol

Veterinary Exotic Care Services

Discover specialized Exotic Care Services at Animal Hospital of Sebastopol. Rely on skilled professionals for your unique companions’ well-being.

Guinea Pig

Veterinary Exotic Care Services in Sebastopol, CA

Open Mouth Snake

Snakes Care Services

Discover expert snake care at Animal Hospital of Sebastopol. Our veterinarians ensure Good health, treating diseases and parasites for thriving, happy snakes.

rabbit at vet

Rabbits Health Care Services

Rabbits, like all exotic pets, deserve specialized care. Animal Hospital of Sebastopol caters to their unique needs, ensuring well-being.

green iguana closeup look

Iguanas and Other Lizards Care Services

Discover expert care for iguanas and other lizards at Animal Hospital of Sebastopol, CA. From nutritional consultations to comprehensive checkups, we ensure your lizard’s health.

beautiful guinea pigs

Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, and Hamsters Care Services

Providing essential care for gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters at Animal Hospital of Sebastopol. Addressing dental needs and health concerns.

Cute Ferret

Ferrets Care Services

Ensuring the well-being of your ferret is our responsibility. By bringing your furry friend in for an annual exam, you actively contribute to their health and happiness.

Animal Hospital of Sebastopol