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Helpful and Trustworthy Pet Information
Feeding a Bland Diet

Feeding a bland diet (easily digested) is usually recommended because the intestines and/or stomach are irritated or inflamed and need an easily digested, low-fat diet while it is trying to heal.

If vomiting is/was present, the doctor will usually recommend withholding food and water for 1224 hours; then start by introducing a small amount of water and/or ice chips wait 12 hours to make sure no vomiting, then begin introducing food; if the vomiting persists, discontinue food for another 12 hours and/or contact us for further instructions.

Start with steamed/boiled white rice and mix 2:1 with one of the following protein sources: boiled chicken pieces (skin removed), cooked ground beef (fat drained off), lowfat cottage cheese, chicken/turkey baby food (no onion powder added check the label!) Feed 34 smaller meals during the day if possible and feed for 34 days unless instructed otherwise; if improving, gradually wean onto normal diet by mixing in dog food for 12 days.

Glucosamine Information

Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate/MSM combinations are becoming increasingly popular nutritional supplements used to alleviate symptoms associated with osteoarthritis in humans as well as in our pet companions. They are the “building blocks” used by the body to build and repair healthy joints and help to decrease the further destruction of joint cartilage that occurs in aging and injured joints.

Glucosamine and chondroitin, when administered in a pure bioavailable form, have been shown to be safe and efficacious. It is known, however, that not all of our dogs and cats will show a positive response. This is based on age, individual differences, and the initial cause of the arthritis pain. Experience has shown that if no response is seen after the loading period of about 6 weeks, the supplements are unlikely to be beneficial to that particular dog or cat. One of the associated issues today is that the market is saturated with numerous products that make label claims of containing certain levels of these supplements, but studies have shown that some products do not always deliver what they claim on their label. Because these products are “nutritional supplements” they are not strictly regulated by the FDA. Therefore we, as consumers, have limited ways to judge the quality of the products available. These studies have also shown no true correlation to cost some of the very expensive brands have been shown to have false label claims just the same. Prices widely range from 50 cents to $4 per daily dose for an average 50-pound dog.

Based on all of the above information, one of the main issues when choosing a product for our pets is the same as when choosing a product for ourselves. Is that product going to contain that which is stated on the label? Since this question has very limited information on which to base an answer, we must have confidence in the brand that we choose. Factoring in cost, convenience, and ease of administration, here are a few choices that we can make for our companion dogs and cats:1) Purchase Schiff brand MOVE FREE or PAIN-FREE from Longs or Costco. Use 3 capsules per day for large dogs, 2 capsules for medium dogs, and 1 capsule for small dogs.2)Choose Cosequin (veterinary label chewable tablet), at least initially, to properly evaluate our pets’ response, and based on that response then choose to either maintain on Cosequin or then try another label once we have established that glucosamine is having a positive effect.3)For cats, since administering a pill every day can be troublesome at best, we can use Cosequin powder sprinkled onto the food. Most cats will tolerate the powder on dry food, or it can be mixed into wet food. The human products found at health food, grocery, and drug stores are derived from the same sources as for our pets and can be given to dogs and cats. The daily dose can be given all at one meal or divided into twice daily doses. The capsules are found most commonly in Glucosamine 500mg/Chondroitin 400mg tablets. Many dogs benefit from the formulation with MSM 500mg added as well. The table below is based on this formulation. The dosage for dogs and cats is as follows:

Weight………Loading Dose (6 weeks)…..Maintenance

Dogs <25 lbs…….1 tab daily…….1/21 tab daily

Dogs 2549 lbs…2 tabs daily……1 tab daily

Dogs 50100 lbs..3 tabs daily……12 tabs daily

Dogs >100 lbs……4 tabs daily…..2 tabs daily

Cats…………………..1/2 tab daily…..1/41/2 tab daily

There is a veterinary product available and we have a very high degree of confidence in the quality and content of the product. The brand Cosequin has been available for years and has completed numerous studies to show the availability and presence of the label claims to be accurate.

Skunk Smell Removal
  • 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap (Dawn)

Protect the eye with a drop of Mineral oil

Mix ingredients and saturate the pet. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse well